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 Resto Shaman

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Registration date : 2009-01-03

PostSubject: Resto Shaman   Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:51 am

In game name: Shamån

Age: 19

Class: Shaman

Spec: Resto

Timezone: California (server time)

Professions: Leatherworking / Skinning


WoW Background: Classes / Raids / PvP / Overall Experience

vanilla: rogue/hunter to starting AQ40
BC: Hunter/shaman through TK/SSC, hunter through Sunwell
WotLK: Shaman/DK clear every instance

Do you have Ventrilo? yes

Past guild(s): Most Wanted on Tich, other guilds on Silvermoon

Why OverDose: So i can raid with good people who know how to progress through content

Times Available: 4-12pm, sun-thursday

Reference in Guild?: none

Random Info, Questions: Also interested in joining with my DK, as either tank or dps - name = Lyre
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Shaman   Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:53 am

You're armory link is not working. Pls post your stats.
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Resto Shaman
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