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 Maeltne - Feral dps

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Registration date : 2009-01-03

PostSubject: Maeltne - Feral dps   Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:35 am

In game name: Maeltne

Age: 20

Class: Druid

Spec: Feral

Timezone: Eastern

Professions: enchanting--JC(not leveled but intending to eventually)

Gear: (tanking set) (dps set)

My gear is slacking in some aspects but even so I'm able to be very near 3k consistently in fights and in pugs I find my way to the top of the charts often. I'm running heroics some still but mainly need to get going on my rep factions and dailies... I'm so very very poor..

Also my current spec isn't final I just through it together for the raid the other night, I intend on tweaking this char specifically for dps my mage I hold 2.5k as arcane and my guild doesnt care if I dont respec frostfire(even tho it'd put me closer to 3.5-4). My feral I have pvp and pve specs, pvp I'm spec'd either for ferocious bite or not for FB, still tweaking my pvp spec. Pve I have both tank and dps talents.

WoW Background: The only char I'd consider my main was the first Paladin I made. I leveled him prot. and had full sunwell badge gear and best nonraiding tank gear available aswell as epic flyer when he was banned, qq. I made a bundle on that primal life market though.

My b/c raiding was limited and I didnt play the game much before that. I've full cleared 25man naxx with my mage in Omega and once with stratergists the guild I just quit following the successful raid. To say a little about that guild and my reasons for leaving, there was nonsense on the mic the whole raid, someone called me out on my "attitude," which was totally bogus and I said something to him that probly made his head explode. On top of that for some reason, I'm assuming they figured out I muted vent(I had company in my room), when we were about to do saph they linked journey's end, as in they were saying I wasn't going to get it(I was the only feral druid). To me, not being a part of the joke nor knowing them well I didnt find it funny. Also take into account before this happened a ring dropped that was in fact an upgrade for me albeit a small one, they decided to disenchant even tho I asked for it and was the only one who wanted it(I got 2 pm's after it of new members saying messed up that was." I could go into more about that raid that caused me to leave right afterward...(also on KT one of the tanks died(noob named lambchopz) at about 5-10% and I tanked the 4 adds for a good minute or 2)

I havent done malygos but read the fight.

I've had 2 paladins since my main, my main was the first shockadin on the server before one 'trigr' xferred(this was back when there was the spellpower/crit plate). I play alot of pvp and while I wish to be in the front of raid progression I mainly care about staying up on pvp. To those interested in that aspect of my experience I've played 3 shockadins(never melee ret), hunter, priest, and now have a feral/mage which I'm doing arena with. I changed chars too much and partners even more so that I never played one comp for more than a week with the same person. That being I never got over 1900 arena rating but was easily over 1800+ on all of them. This season I'm playing for titles.

Do you have Ventrilo? Yes.

Past guild(s): My mage was in I will derive, I quit them and then found Omega the other week the same day I found stratergists for my druid, First raid with Omega was enjoyable the one with stratergists was not. I will derive, when I joined they were forming their 3rd raid group for 10mans nearing the beginning of 25man content as a full guild, I was going to lead the 3rd group but then a bunch of players quit and all of a sudden I'm building their 2nd group which they no longer have, there's more to it believe me but that's obviously not the right kind of progression.

Why OverDose: You have few ferals and no feral dps. I desire journey's end as the best wep available for pve and pvp for my feral druid. I can hit 5k on my druid just need the right gear. I was convinced it would be a worthwhile application, I dont put many in. I have flamed some elitist forums with ridiculous applications and fairy also said "we're not elitists" before I made any comment about that which is cool.

Times Available: I'm on alot. I'm just a student, working on a job atm but right now I raid two chars and pvp weekly. I'm on alot.

Reference in Guild?: fairy? idk I probly know some of your members... I'm on alot.

Random Info, Questions: I'm the shit on a stick. Ideally you take me as an offtank. Whenever I'm not needed for tanking I'm pve spec'd into both dps and tanking talents and am pumping out my (already nearly 3k) dps. The shit on a stick...

also call me "Mael" dont try to pronounce the whole thing. When I'm in bear form u can call me BIG BEEZY BABY!!
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Maeltne - Feral dps
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