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 Broseidon 80 Human Rogue

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Registration date : 2008-12-29

PostSubject: Broseidon 80 Human Rogue   Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:23 am

In game name: Broseidon


Class: Rogue

Spec: Pve mutilate mostly unless im doing 25 man with a bunch of HaT rogues then ill be HaT speccd

Timezone: Arizona

Professions: JC/Enchanter

Gear: Just look up broseidon i recently did the thing where you can change your characters race and name and stuff and its not showing on armory atm

WoW Background: Ive played a rogue and warrior in original naxx played a rogue throughout BC raided up to illidan pvped in the 2k arena range cleared 10 man naxx 10 and 25 sarth 10 man malygos everything but thaddius in 25 man naxx

Do you have Ventrilo? yes

Past guild(s): Just guilds with my friends

Why OverDose Im new to this server and i just kind of picked a guild

Times Available: whenever

Reference in Guild?: None
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Broseidon 80 Human Rogue
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