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 Fateslight - Prot Pally

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PostSubject: Fateslight - Prot Pally   Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:04 am

Hey what's up, my name is Andy and my character that i want to have in ya'lls guild is Fateslight lvl 80 prot paladin. I want to join cause of the raiding, it's what I love doing. My def rating is capped but my health is only sitting at 20.6k as of now. I understand that it needs to be alot higher for the raiding, but that's why i want to join this guild cause i hear that ya'll are already farming some of the raids and i figured maybe i could get some help with doing heroics and even get lucky to join the raids as an OT or something so i can get better gear to increase my health. Anyways sorry i went on like that and I really hope that i can join the guild Smile Oh and I guess I could mention also that I'm a tank that knows what he's doing lol, so I know how to tank.
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Fateslight - Prot Pally
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