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 Jinkinz Frost DK DPS/Tank

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Registration date : 2008-12-23

PostSubject: Jinkinz Frost DK DPS/Tank   Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:22 am

In game name: Jinkinz

Age: 20

Class: Death Knight

Spec: 0/43/28 = 0/32/39 - or a variation for PvE DPS. 18/53/0 for PvP. 13/51/7 for tanking or once again a small variation.

Timezone: Eastern time

Professions: Inscription 424 / Herbalism 450

Gear: - not sure what gear I logged out in, but I can show both sets ingame.

WoW Background: I've played Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, DK, Mage, and tabbled on a friends warlock for a little. I've raided everything in BC except BT, and Sunwell because I focused mainly on PvP/Arena at that time. I have alot of PvP experience through WoW and BC as well as some in LK so far, I used to be a glad on my old server on horde side, and I plan to get there again over here Smile. I've played the game for about 2+ years now, and I know alot about every class and their mechanics as well as what to do in alot of situations wether it be PvE or PvP.

Do you have Ventrilo? Ofcourse

Past guild(s): On this server, just my friends guild Business Time.

Why OverDose: I'm looking for a guild that is actually active and wants to progress through content, and you guys seem to have the same attitude.

Times Available: Anytime really, I'm between jobs and I'm out of college at the moment.

Reference in Guild?: None that I can think of off hand.

Random Info, Questions: I can show all my gear ingame, as well as anything else you would need to know. Oh and I'm a fuck'n badass. Might want to write that down. Smile
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Jinkinz Frost DK DPS/Tank
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