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 Enhancement Shaman Looking for a Good Time

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Registration date : 2008-12-21

PostSubject: Enhancement Shaman Looking for a Good Time   Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:33 pm

In game name: Rathmus

Age: 20

Class: Shaman

Spec: Enhancement

Timezone: Western pacific(I'm up at all hours)

Professions:Eng/mining Needs some work

Gear: (Link your armory page.)

WoW Background: Classes / Raids / PvP / Overall Experience I played a rogue at 60/70 and did some Kara at 70 but mostly just pvp. I've always mainly been a pvper on my Shaman, I can play resto and ele but I prefer to stay enhance. I do very strong dps in pve and am aware of my surroundings as well as mobile. I understand all the 80 heroics runs and have run up to sapph in nax, Vault, and Sarth. Haven't done Maly yet but want to.

Past guild(s): Always been in Urban Bushido with my friends until recently. I joined NND cause I knew people there and they said they'd be doing 25-man. I left cause I didn't feel like their DKP system was very smart :p

Why OverDose: Well for one thing, whether a person can play the game or not seems to matter at least a little here. You guys seem to know what you're doing and have cool loot rules imo. I want the time I spend raiding to count for something and I think that Overdose can help with that.

Times Available:When we raid.

Reference in Guild?: Fairydustt

Random Info, Questions: I have vent but no mic, if I need one I can go buy it. afro
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Enhancement Shaman Looking for a Good Time
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